"You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise." - Maya Angelou.

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The War begins: 




Harry turned and smiled at Professor McGonagall. “Thanks Professor.”

“Anytime Potter,” She said as she nodded politely at him, “Tell me you do have a plan.”

Harry looked down at his feet, he still hadn’t found Ravenclaw’s lost Diadem, and Ron and him had only discussed how to defend the castle. He was beginning to feel scared again.

 ”I have to find something still.” He said quietly. He looked over at Lupin and saw him with the rest order looking over a map of Hogwarts on one of the house tables.

“Well, there’s no better time like the present to find it.” McGonagall said before she went to stand in front of the school.

“Prefects please escort all first years and  student’s from your house who do not wish to stay and fight to the evacuation points. Everyone else please retrieve your assigned posts from the Order.” She said in a quiet voice, but there was no problem hearing her since everyone was silent.

Harry stood with his hands in his pockets, barely listening to what Lupin was saying.  Suddenly Harry was doubled over in pain, it felt as if his head was going to rip open from his scar. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley rushed over to him, asking what was wrong. The eerie voice of Lord Voldemort filled the room, causing a few students to scream.

“I know you are preparing to fight. your Efforts are futile, you cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I do not want to spill magical blood.”

Harry felt like he was drowning in silence again, and the pain from his scar brought tears to his eyes, but Voldemort’s voice spoke again.

“Give me Harry Potter and the school and everyone in it will be unharmed, Give me Harry Potter and you will be rewarded.     You have until midnight.” 

For a brief moment, Hermione felt calm as Draco’s cool lips pressed against her hand, but she could feel that dominant, horrid, calculating cold slither around her bones and snake around her senses. She looked around, upwards, and at the Order who, although had stormed in at the ready, were looking around with the same perplexed, worried faces as the cold swept into the already bare hall.

And then his voice rose like a creaky bell above their heads and the screams of third years screeched from the corners of the room. Her head whipped in their direction and her face contorted into that of painless suffering when he spoke, the slither of his syllables forcing a strong shiver of distaste to course throughout her body. Her hand tightened on Draco’s and she looked towards Ron and Harry, moving to them with Draco in tow. Voldemort’s words were still echoing through the halls and she placed her hands on Harry’s arms, watching as he writhed in pain.

Surely enough and slower than she thought, it sounded to a stop and Harry’s breathing grew a little less ragged. “Harry,” she breathed, brows knitting in worry.

“Harry, are you alright?”

The sound of the Dark Lord’s voice—cold and hostile—filled the room, and Draco flinched when he commanded that they surrender Harry to him. His grip on Hermione’s hand tightened, and he allowed her to weave them through the crowd, brushing past different students who were still sane enough to look baffled at the fact that Hermione Granger’s fingers were intertwined with Draco Malfoy’s. 

As soon as Harry dropped Ginny felt herself burst into a sprint to get to him, her mother getting there only a few seconds before her. She grabbed his hand in hers, squeezing it tightly. “Harry, what’s wrong? Harry…”

But it wasn’t long before the noise filled the hall and she lost her breath. She knew that voice. Sure it had changed, grown old, but it was the same voice that had haunted her after her first year. Her stomach dropped, and she felt queasy, but she stayed standing and listened to it’s message.

As it ended she felt someone walk up behind her and heard Hermione’s voice. She put her free hand on Harry’s cheek, doing her best to soothe.  It was then when she noticed the pale figure standing next to Hermione. Knowing what the message said she stood up, placing herself between Harry and Malfoy. “What do you think you’re doing over here, Malfoy?”

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Come to the burrow

I don’t think there’s enough room, Ron, since you keep bringing more people home with you.

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The War begins: 




 “Harry Potter.” Snape’s voice broke the silence of the great hall, causing everyone present to stand up straighter. Harry breathed in deep before stepping forward. He ignored Ginny and Ron’s attempt to hold him back. He walked forward in to the clear space between the four houses.

“You have been ordered by the Ministry of Magic, to surrender. If you do Hogwarts will be safe as well as your friends. ” Snape said from the front of the room. The Carrows stood behind him with looks of glee on their evil faces.  A look of terror seemed to go through the student’s like a wave.

“And what if I don’t, what if I fight. Do you really think that anyone will stand up with you?” Harry said loudly for the whole room to hear. “What gives you the right to stand in Professor Dumbledore’s place?  After you killed a man who trusted you.”

The doors to the great hall flung open as the members of the Order of the Phoenix  came in. Snape pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry, but before Harry could make a move Professor McGonagall stepped in front of him with her wand drawn. 
“You will not harm him.” She called out before several flashes of gold light shot towards Snape. Snape tried to block them but failed. Professor Flitwick stepped forward and disarmed the Carrows before they were able to defend Snape. Seeing this the three of them disapparated .

Everything happened so incredibly fast. When Harry stepped forward to face Snape, Hermione lunged forward slightly, her hand still in Draco’s, but her face contorted into that of a look of pain and she could feel him try to pull her back as she moved to stop Harry. She breathed his name, her lip quivering as she heard what he said, a pang of adoration sprining up for the boy with the lightning scar - so brave, so willing to fight. She stepped backward as she saw the glare of a Carrow seeth in her direction from her sudden movement and it looked as though he moved to apprehend her, but stopped himself at Harry’s accusative words at Snape.

And then McGonagall stepped forward and she swallowed a hard lump in her throat, watching as the wizards dueled until the three Death Eaters disapparated out of the huge stained windows behind them. Her other hand slid around his arm and she shivered as a menacing, cold wind slithered into the Great Hall.

Despite the fact that Draco wasn’t particularly fond of Potter nor anyone association with his name—other than Granger, of course—he couldn’t help but to feel the chill that passed through the Great Hall as he confronted Snape. Draco knew that Snape wouldn’t let anyone hurt himself personally, but he wasn’t quite so sure about Potter or the rest. His eyes widened at Potter’s accusations, and he felt the overwhelming urge to grab his Witch and run away at the sight of one of the Carrows glaring at her, no doubt thinking of her as nothing more than a bothersome little Mudblood.

He restrained Hermione from moving forward, and when Snape and the Carrows disappeared, Draco lifted Hermione’s chilled hand to his mouth and kissed the back of her hand with shaky lips.

“We’re going to be okay,” He whispered, rubbing her hand with both of his to warm her.

As soon as she heard Snape say Harry’s name she felt herself getting sick to her stomach. Her hand went to grip tighter onto his, but it was slowly slipping out of her hand. Harry was walking forward, away from her, into the center of it all.

"No!" The word came out as a whispered scream, her throat trying to cut her off. She reached to grab him, to pull him back, but he was already to far away and she felt hands holding onto her so that she wouldn’t lunge into the middle of it as well. She struggled against them before realizing it was no use, and that to run into it would only make matters worse.

She leaned into her brother’s side, for support, as her eyes concentrated on Harry. Her wand hand was tense, ready to fight if one of the Carrows dared to make a move at him. When the door burst open she jumped, startled at the noise.

At the site of more of her family her heart both eased and ached. It eased knowing she felt safer with them there, but ached at the idea of what could happen to them once the fighting started.

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The War begins: 




Soon they were in the Great Hall. The Slytherins were lined as the Gryffindors were and stood next to them - Hermione was on the very outside of the psued-phalanx and caught the sight of Draco, her throat growing tight. When the throng stopped in their lines, she looked behind her, seeing him two rows back. Her gaze plucked to the two behind her and she pushed past them, signaling them to move up. When she was next to him, she reached out for his hand and squeezed tightly.

Yes. She was quite afraid and realized it as Snape walked out in front of them and the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws lined up behind them.

If Draco had been honest with himself, he’d known the War had arrived. It had loomed over their heads for weeks; only a matter of time until the tension erupted and mass chaos broke out. He had quickly changed into his Slytherin robes, packing his wand and any other potentially useful essentials into the pockets of his robes and trousers. He made his way towards the Great Hall with his classmantes, the majority of which stood away from him, sneering. No doubt the lot of Hogwarts wondered why he was with them and no “his kind”. His kind. No, his kind was with Granger.

Granger. His eyes searched the densely packed room with frantic eyes, and spotting her bushy hair a few rows up, he felt himself relax. But only slightly. She made her way back to him, and he willingly intertwined his hand with hers. His thumb traced soothing circles on the back of her hand, and he pulled her closer to him so that her shoulder brushed against his arm. They were holding hands just as they had been for Merlin knows how many weeks now. It pained him to realize that this could very well be the last time that happened.

The War looked bleak, as did his chances of surviving.

Ron silently surveyed the scene that was unfolding in front of him. They were walking towards the Great Hall, he felt nervous and angry. He watched as Harry wove his way through towards his sister, his gut clenched; then he felt a comforting hand sneak intertwine with his. He felt Hermione squeeze lightly and smile at him, he couldn’t help but smile in return.

Then the warmth was gone, and he watched her go stand with Malfoy. He silently prayed for her, hoping Malfoy would keep her safe. He stood with Ginny and Harry, silently watching the scene.

He gripped his wand tightly, he didn’t have a good feeling about this.

The sudden presence of someone new beside her gave Ginny a start. Gulping she looked up at Harry, her eyes full of the fear that she’d been hiding for so long.

Her eyes began searching the crowed for her brother, to see Hermione leaving him to stand by Malfoy. As he made his way over to her and Harry she gave him a look, hopefully making it obvious that she was saying that Hermione would be able to handle herself.

With one hand laced with Harry’s and another gripping onto her ivory wand she followed the flow of the crowd until they were fully lined up. All of them, from every house, lined up. The houses were divided and she felt her gut clench as she was able to look around and see her classmates, her friends. The war was inevitable, they’d always known that, but for so long she’d hoped it wouldn’t have had to take place at Hogwarts where there were so many that weren’t able to defend themselves.

And, despite the faith that she wanted to have in her friends, not even those in the DA were fully prepared for such a thing.

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Common Room: Ginny 



She arched her back, rocking against him, as she let out a low and throaty moan as her body shook with pleasure. She leaned back down, her mouth finding his as he grunted and pushed against her.

“Me either,” she murmured against his mouth. She dug her nails into him as the pleasure started shaking her body, her hips jerking against his.

 When Harry came it felt as if the air had been sucked out of his lungs. He kissed Ginny, passionately as the pleasure washed over them both. His hips bucked in to her as he moaned.

His arms wrapped around Ginny and pulled her close.

The rush of warmth into her caused her to collapse, her mouth feverishly fighting against his as the fell from their height. She laid there, her head against his chest and her breathing uneven.

As his arms wrapped around her she pulled her head up to look down at him, placing a few light kisses around his face before finding his lips with hers. Resting her forehead against his she looked into the emerald eyes before shutting her own, trying to steady her breathing.